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WatchDog 3
System Requirements
Detailed Spec
WatchDog 3 Instant Recovery System  

W.DOG III Software version

- 5 Multi-Restore Points
- Ideal for laptop users
- Quick Install
- No hardware to install
- For Microsoft Windows ® XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95


New Features:

Software version now available - great news for laptop users.

F-POINT, now allows users to have 5 Multi-Restore Points to choose from. Freely restore back and forth between multiple Restore Points.

WatchDog 3 is the first and only Instant Recovery System that can be installed on the NEW HP, Compaq, DELL and other leading brands of PC' s that make use of the first partition to store vendor information. Until now Instant Recovery systems had to be installed on the first partition to protect your system.

Unlimited Hard Disk size support.

The new F-SAVE (System Area Virtual Engine) technology, now only occupies 0.00052% of the total hard disk space.

The new F-CACHE (Quick Data Cache) proprietary technology , does not affect the computer’s efficiency.

The WatchDog 3 Instant Recovery system gives you the power to immediately restore healthy system configurations and lost or damaged data, on your own, in seconds for the following Microsoft® DOS, Microsoft® Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP and Microsoft® Server platforms..

Support IDE,EIDE,SCSI,ATA33-166 and now also supports Serial-ATA hard disk drives.


Extra Info:

Recover non-functional systems. Even if Windows is down, recovery or rescue disks are not required.

High efficient recovery technology works in the background, monitoring every reading and writing action of hard disk, Fully protects the hard disk data.

Recover deleted or overwritten files, even those emptied from the Recycle Bin!

Instant recovery for data that has been destroyed intentionally, accidentally deleted, replaced or even formatted.

Protects the first partition of the first Hard Disk.

WatchDog will not delete any Restore Points if you restore to an earliest Restore Point.

Ability to setup a regular auto save function, and select your Restore Point.

Auto-recovery to the last Restore Point.

Ability to go back to the original configurations that existed before installing WatchDog, without uninstalling it.

Ability to clear all the Restore Points.

Provides a user-friendly Windows interface; highly configurable.

Shows the swap size in real-time.

System adjusts swap size automatically.

Warns when swap space is insufficient.

Safe and easy installation on Windows OS, no need to re-partition your Hard disk drive.
The manual function allows you to install and test new software, and save the operating system in its best status.

Ability to set the boot screen to display itself for up to 99 seconds during boot

Ability to setup a Supervisor password for additional security.



Virus Damage-Different types of computer virus damage the hard disk at different levels. Slight damage would be files that get duplicated and thus reduce hard disk space. Serious damage, on the other hand, would format the hard disk, and destroy all your data in seconds. WatchDog is able to restore the damaged data due to its superior technologies.

System Crash-To increase its efficiency, a system will usually store the data in memory when copying or saving, and write it back to the hard disk little by little when the system is not busy. What if the power supply gets cut off before the data has been completely written to the hard disk? At best, you might just lost some data; at worst, the system might never boot again. This is where WatchDog Instant Recovery System proves its worth.

Bad Tracks-The hard disks magnetic heads are reading data from the disc platters at extremely high speed, if the hard disk experiences any sudden movement or excessive bump whilst on, it is very likely to cause damage. WatchDog cannot repair physical hard disk damage i.e. Mechanical Failure.


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