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FNet PCClone Safe & Fast Recovery System  

Safe & Fast Recovery System

FNet PCClone is a fast and safe recovery system tool, whose function is based on a configuration of system recovery point. Users could choose a timely point by themselves to backup the OS and data. This backup will be retained in the individual FNet HiPartition where could provide a fast and easy way to recover the previous computer system back in case of the computer crash or glitch (Not the real HD damage) someday.  FNet PCClone is suitable for every user without any technical Skillful.


Most Efficient Backup and Recovery

FNet PCClone Safe & Fast Recovery System provides users a fastest and simplest way to restore their OS and valuable data back as soon as their data lost or broken down. That only inserts FNet PCClone CD to the CD-ROM and easily operates the user-friendly interface without any complicated setup or creating image files. The backup data will be automatically placed in specific FNet HiPartition, which will protect your personal data securely; you could use this backup recovery instantly later on. FNet PCClone is absolutely most efficient backup and recovery tool; meanwhile, it will be your best choice for backup and recover software tool.

Easy Using Without Installation

Just insert PCClone CD into CD-ROM without installation and boot from PCClone. Users can make backup or restore simply with a user-friendly interface and step-by-step wizardry.

The Specific FNet Hipartition Technology

FNet Co. creates HiPartition technology in which even though the OS won’t find the existence of the backup data.  However, low level-formatting, FDISK, Format, Linux Setup……, all of them no one can destroy any data in the FNet HiPartition.Therefore, your valuable data indeed retain this secure area.  As long as the accident happens, you are able to instantly recover the backup from FNet HiPartition.

Various Restore Selection

FNet PCClone provides 3 methods for recovery.  One is restore the entire HDD as a single partition, another one is restore the entire HDD to be two partitions, the other one is restore to the first pre-make active partition.  Therefore, users don’t need to realize what the partition is because FNet PCClone has already done for you.  FNet PCClone simplifies the recovery proceedings so that users could restore their system easily. It also supports various versions of Windows, which users won’t need to reinstall and waste time to rebuild the system up.


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