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WatchDog III:


The Individual Patent Know-How :

F-SAVE Space Distribution Tech.

W.DOG adapts the newest F-SAVE (FNet System Area Virtual Engine) technology.
Using the H.D. auto-search tech to save and compress the backup data doesn't need the
additional partition to pre-occupy the H.D. space. Therefore, the users won't feel
any waste of H.D. space. Gives consideration to efficiency and space.

F-POINT, Free Choose Multi-Restore Points Tech.

The other brands of recovery systems, which equip with only one restore point or claim
to have the multi-restore points can't let the users to free choose the restore points.
According to this, FNet develops the whole new F-POINT, Free Choose Multi-Restore
Points Tech. It not only can record the multi-restore points, but also can be free chosen
the points. Every restore record independent, the users always can keep the final choice.

F-CACHE, Quick Access Data Tech.

Whereas the complex operation and data save on the recovery system, the other brands
will reduce about 20%~50% of H.D. efficiency. Only the F-CACHE, Quick Access
Data Tech of FNet can lower the loss less than 2%. WatchDog is acknowledged now
as the best recovery system in the software market.


WatchDog Instant Recovery System adapts the 32-bit kernel tech, so the IDE device
can operate in the FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, the higher efficiency or compatibility
systems, and won't appear any bad tracks or exclamation mark message. The system
operation will be more stable!

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