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FNet GateWay

Do you need more bandwidth, but worry about costs and logistecs?

Do you worry about internet insucurity threating your network?



   FNet Gateway delivers a complete Internet access management. It provides you with Internet Bandwidth Sharing, Bandwidth Combine, Gateway, DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone), DHCP Server, Firewall, Traffic Monitoring, Multi-Homing, Server Backup and Load Balance...etc. Fnet Gateway turns any PC into a powerful Internet gateway with enterprise-level management features, while protecting the computers on your network. Now, small to medium sized businesses can enjoy enterprise-quality Internet access without adding expensive networking hardware. With FNet Gateway, you have enterprise flexibility when deploying your network. You can accommodate Ethernet, wireless, HPNA, and Powerline adaptors when networking your home or small business.

    FNet Gateway allows you to add bandwidth by pooling several ISP together and optimizes the use of the available bandwidth to ensure that your mission-critical applications run smoothly.

    FNet Gateway utilizes a gateway to connect to the Internet, and not through a proxy server.

    FNet gateway's function Bandwidth Combine enables you to seamlessly join several bandwidths as one .e.g. if you have two T1 lines FNet Gateway can combine the bandwidth to be one T2 line, so you now have a double the bandwidth, FNet Gateway can also mix the bandwidth together i.e. if you have one ADSL line and one Cable line. It not only reduces costs, but also increases the entire network performance.

    FNet Gateway's unique IP Stealth Technology gives hackers NO access points to attack from, you now have a hacker-free environment. In addition, FNet Gateway includes an integrated firewall to protect all computers accessing the Internet from intruders. Built on the proven FNet technology, FNet Gateway is a secure, integrated solution that is designed to help small and highly distributed enterprises to maximize the efficiency of their Internet connection.

    FNet Gateway's Server Backup function provides you with a professional backup support solution, Server Backup is able to detect any connecting failure or traffic jam, and ensuring that all the lines are been used efficiently, by not wasting any bandwidth, FNet Gateway also provides mutual-backup function for all the lines, ensure that internet service are keep connected at all times allowing you to build easy to configure network backup routines, and providing you with a host of additional functionality.

    FNet gateway is compatible with analog, ISDN, ADSL, Cable Modems, and leased line...etc.


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