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WatchDog 2
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FNet W.Dog 2 Instant Recovery System  

WatchDog gives you the power to immediately restore healthy system configurations, lost or damaged data due to system crashes, virus damage, failed software installations, even user errors, by letting you "take a step back in time" to before the problem occurred.


Everybody does

WatchDog is the ultimate Instant PC Recovery system.

If your computer is damaged by a virus, formatted, crashes or even gets "hacked", just reboot your PC and WatchDog will instantly restore your computer to the working state it was in before the problem occurred!  

Your computer will maintain the same look, feel and functionality.


Corporation / Government

WatchDog puts your business in a Win-Win situation, especially for system maintenance, administrative, finance or information centers!

Completely resolves the problems of unintentional delete, virus infection or improper or malicious damage etc.

WatchDog will increase your company's working efficiency; y ou never have to worry about reinstallation of Operating Systems, applications or data loss.



Computer teachers can maintain their PC lab computer in a few seconds.

As a computer teacher, is system maintenance giving you gray hairs? No matter what your students do to the computers, a few keystrokes on the server and it will restart all the client computers, and instantly return them to their original status like new!!!


Internet Cafe

Saving time & money is the best way to maximize your business profitability!

Seated at your PC's is a line of internet users, this will earn you money, but why endure the frustrations that come with it?

The biggest concern of Internet Cafe owners is the system maintenance after they close up the shop.

Restoring each PC, changes made by each client, may take approximately 10-15 minuets per system.

But if one of the systems have crashed this could take hours. With WatchDog installed, it will now only take you a few second!


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