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FNet History



  • FNet co., Ltd was formed
  • FNet was selected to be the supervisor of Chiayi Computer Manufacturers Association.
  • FNet developed WatchDog I, the 1 st Data Instant Recovery System in the World.
  • FNet developed TACO, the 1 st IP Share Network System in Chinese.
  • FNet began to expand his carrier to the overseas, and established the branch offices in Hong Kong and China.
  • FNet successfully developed WatchDog II Instant Recovery System by using new developed System Area Virtual Engine Tech, which doesn't need to pre-occupy H.D. space.
  • While TACO, or so-called TACO PROXY 2, was being published on the markets, it was the 10 th popular website on the charts of ToGet download website.

  • FNet established Taipei branch office.
  • FNet developed and published K7 Overdrive.
  • WatchDog II LAN Version has been published.
  • FNet established US branch office
  • FNet announced its new logo and rebuilt the new image to seek for international, superior, and futuristic goals.
  • WatchDog III Lite Version has been published.

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