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WatchDog III Lite Detailed Guide:

WatchDog III Lite

5 Multi-Restore Points
Ideal for laptop users
Quick Install
No hardware to install
For Microsoft Windows ® XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95

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     WatchDog gives you the power to immediately restore healthy system configurations and lost or damaged data, on your own, in seconds.

     WatchDog protects your PC from system crashes, virus damage, failed software installations, even user errors, by letting you easily return to a time when your computer was working well.

     The easy-to-install PCI card is essential for anyone troubled by costly, time-consuming, and always untimely PC crashes.

     WatchDog restores your entire operating system, all applications, documents and data instantly and effectively.


  • Instantly recover the entire contents of your hard disk drive in the time it takes to reboot your PC.
  • No more data loss or reinstallation of software.
  • Support and troubleshooting time dramatically reduced to seconds.
  • Virus and user damage instantly undone.
  • W. DOG provides a safe "test-bed" environment on your PC giving you peace of mind and confidence when installing any new software.


WatchDog can be used in practically any environment, from home user to mission-critical servers in the corporate arena, WatchDog runs on the following platforms: Windows®XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95.It is also particularly useful in Internet cafe's, training environments and business service centre's where multiple user PC's need to be restored regularly.

WatchDog Instant PC Recovery system has received three Golden Quality Awards.

  • Sector base, high-performance instant recovery kernel works seamlessly in the background, monitoring all disk activity and continuously recording incremental changes to all files, thus enabling a user to restore the system to virtually any point in time.
  • The WatchDog III Instant Recovery system is designed for the following OS platforms Microsoft ® DOS, Microsoft ® Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP and Microsoft ® Server platforms, dependent on the specific recovery card used. Click here to see a quick guide for the OS platforms and WatchDog version.
  • F-SAVE ( System Area Virtual Engine ) t echnology.
  • F-CACHE (Quick Data Cache) proprietary technology , does not affect the computer's efficiency.
  • System Agent 32 bit Access Technology
  • C.M.O.S. Auto-analysis (Backup and Restore).
  • Support IDE,EIDE,SCSI,ATA33-166.
  • Supervisor / user password support.

Extra Info
  • Recover non-functional systems. Even if Windows is down, recovery or rescue disks are not required.
  • High efficient recovery technology works in the background, monitoring every read and write action of hard disk, totally protecting the hard disk data.
  • Recover deleted or overwritten files, even those emptied from the Recycle Bin!
  • Instant recovery for data that has been destroyed intentionally, accidentally deleted, replaced or even formatted.
  • Safe and easy installation on Windows OS, no need to re-partition your Hard disk drive.
  • The manual function allows you to install and test new software, and save the operating system in its best status.
  • Ability to set the boot screen to display itself for up to 99 seconds during boot.
  • Auto restore on Boot-up option
  • Schedule auto time recovery - daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Provides a user-friendly Windows interface; highly configurable.

WatchDog III Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows ® XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95/DOS.
  • 80386 or faster processor is recommended.
  • 1 MB RAM or higher (dependant on operating system requirement0.
  • At least 40MB free H.D.D. space.
  • 256 color display. VGA or higher resolution monitor.
  • Floppy Drive 3½"
  • 1 available PCI slot.
  • PS/2 or Serial compatible mouse.


Virus Damage - Different types of computer virus damage the hard disk at different levels. Slight damage would be files that get duplicated and thus reduce hard disk space. Serious damage, on the other hand, would format the hard disk, and destroy all your data in seconds. WatchDog is able to restore the damaged data due to its superior technologies.. 

System Crash - To increase its efficiency, a system will usually store the data in memory when copying or saving, and write it back to the hard disk little by little when the system is not busy. What if the power supply gets cut off before the data has been completely written to the hard disk? At best, you might just lost some data; at worst, the system might never boot again. This is where WatchDog Instant Recovery System proves its worth. 

Bad Tracks - The hard disks magnetic heads are reading data from the disc platters at extremely high speed, if the hard disk experiences any sudden movement or excessive bump whilst on, it is very likely to cause damage.
WatchDog cannot repair physical hard disk damage i.e. Mechanical Failure .


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