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Do you suffer very often from crashes resulting in lots of wasted time for re-installation??

Nowadays FNet PCClone EX, an external USB HDD can solve your problem; it is good at quick recovery!!


An external USB HDD °V A fast Recovery System

The newest PCClone EX is developed according to FNet°¶s patented recovery tech & system backup. It possesses a powerful system backup function, which completely backs up either 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch external USB HDD. When PC users encounter that their PCs can°¶t boot due to virus attack, or unphysical HDD glitch, or system error etc.; they can use FNet USB HDD to restore their files & OS quickly.

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The Most Convenient Back-up System

The external USB HDD is a kind of necessary accessory nowadays. Just make system backups through PCClone EX into external USB HDD; it can restore PC systems easily without backup programs or burning of a mass of CDs. PC users could freely recover computer system as soon as they meet any PC problems.

One Button Backup Support

FNet PCClone EX hot key design produces access to USB HDD in seconds. In only one step, the system backup or recovery can be completed fast and easily. All operating functions are designed to be a diagrammatic interface for easy use. It doesn°¶t require special skills to setup; anyone can do it.

The Fastest Backup & Recovery

FNet PCCloneEX is currently the fastest recovery product. FNet R&D team designed specialized system backup & patent recovery tech to significantly shorten the backup time; and the recovery function can be directly through the external USB HDD booting and immediately goes on the recovery screen. It doesn°¶t need a boot disk nor waiting.

Most Security for Backup & Recovery

PCClone EX°¶s Sector technology is able to verify any errors after system backup or recovery. This is the most secure way to prevent your valuable data from getting lost. Other brands on the market only use the file backup method which runs the risk of data loss.

The Highest Compatible Product

Configuration differences of every computer results in lower compatibility between backup & recovery system and computers so some of computers can only access backup function.  This is inconvenient for PC users who would like to use both functions. Only PCClone Ex provides a CD for USB boot; in case their computers don°¶t. support USB or USB-HDD boot. It doesn°¶t matter! Through the USB slot and CD, the system can be restored. Higher compatible PCCloneEx is the most reliable and best choice for PC users.

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