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Crash&Reboot- Watchdog timer card.


Concerning computers and programs, unpredictable failure seems normal. Sometimes when a computer or program fails; it can cause catastrophic damage to PC users at the office, in industries, and in public places nowadays. Now FNet Crash&Reboot, a PCI Watchdog timer card, can deal with hardware failure from temporary malfunctions at a very low cost.

Particularly, it is suitable to be used for some unattended computers like server, kiosk, secure system, telecom and industrial control computer etc.

Your application program must communicate with Crash&Reboot circuit at prescribed intervals. If this communication (prompt) is missed, Crash&Reboot can be programmed to initiate a computer reset (reboot).


Keeping An Eye on Your PC

Crash&Reboot monitors the computer operation at all hours. Your computer will never be down for days due to a lock up.


More Security

If Crash&Reboot is cooperating with FNet Watchdog instant recovery system, this combination will be more complete; after reboot, the system won’t be damaged at all. It is a kind of double protection for hardware and software.


Human Resource Efficiency

It is not only cost-efficient but also reduces the time and human resource for computer maintenance.



A powerful PCI interface IC is used. This chip contains a 32-bit timer/counter. A number greater than zero is set into the chip’s timer by your application program. Crash&Reboot is armed by software command and the timer begins counting up. As long as the computer is operating of properly, the timer will be periodically reset to zero by your application program before the timer has counted up to the preset value.


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