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    FNet Co., Ltd. was formed in June 1996, with the principle of creation, tech. and responsible to serve every customer. FNet is always dedicating to the software development, so has been the pioneer of many creations, such as the 1st executive file for an anti-multi-virus program, the 1st smart & instant recovery system, the 1st IP share network system, the 1st H.D. synchro- copy system…etc. Cause the professional techs and creation ability; FNet is admired by their clients and the same trades.

    In November 1997, FNet established the Hong Kong and China offices, and Taipei office in January 2000. At that moment, FNet began to extend its career to the overseas and planned a future target: Integrate the local resources through the variety countries and Taiwanese tech to shorten the creative time & satisfy consumers' needs.

    At present, Fnet is increasing the functionality of its products and concentrating its technology on system, network and automatic control. It is the hope to continue improving their products in order to provide the best quality and enjoyment to the customers.

 Our Future vision

    Now, FNet Co., Ltd. not only is the worldwide leader among the Instant Recovery Systems but also received patents from many countries, thus capturing the markets of Taiwan, China, Japan, U.S., etc. However, this is not enough for us. Under the circumstance of keen competition, FNet will learn more with the guilty conscience and keep improving our products to reach our future target 3F-- Future, Fun & Fortune. Due to the intense global competition in the future, Fnet will constantly strive for perfection, taking responsibility for every product it develops and produces. Moreover, it will also focus on speeding up the goal of internationalization.


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