PCClone- how do you analyze HDD spec by HdInfoDisk.exe


  1. Please download“HdInfoDisk.exe”.

  2. And then insert a blank 1.44MB floppy disk into your PC.

  3. Please Execute “HdInfoDisk.exe”, which will be directly written into floppy disk.

  4. Then reboot the PC by this disk, you will find a screen asf:

5.  You will see “Host Protected Support: yes”, that means your HDD supports

     HiPartition, if it shows “No”, that means your HDD fail to HaPartition.


But your hard disk doesn’t support HiPartition, it is still able to use PCClone.

PCClone particularly creates a P-Partition, where can keep and protect the backup files. Its protection let the backup is invisible in windows, won’t be destroyed by delete, or format, either HiPartiton or P-Partition can protect users’ backup files well.

(PCClone Ver1.60 above can support either HiPartition or P-Partition, as for the version earlier than 1.60 supports HiPartiton only.)


6.  Also, you can duplicate the information of the screen and send it to FNet, whose

     engineer will work out for you.  Please key in“ hdinfo> hd.txt”and then press the

     “enter”, all information will be copied into the disk.

7.  After move on the window, please read the files of disk as the followings:

8.  The file of HD.TXT attaches to mail and send it to

     support@2net.com.tw FNet will further analyze for you.