LockUp- how do you analyze HDD spec.


  1. Please download“HdInfoDisk.exe”.

  2. And then insert a blank 1.44MB floppy disk into your PC.

  3. Please Execute “HdInfoDisk.exe”, which will be directly written into floppy disk.

  4. Then reboot the PC by this disk, you will find a screen asf:

5.  You will see “Security Feature: support”, that means your HDD supports

   LockUp, if it shows “Not Support”, that means your HDD fail to LockUp.

6.  By the time, you just key in “hdinfo>LockUp.txt” then press the “enter”,

    all information will be saved into the disk.

7.  After move on the window, please read the files of disk as the followings:

8.  The file of LockUp.TXT attaches to mail and send it to  

    support@2net.com.tw FNet will further analyze for you