FNet W.DOG 2 Instant Recovery System
WatchDog II Detailed Quick Comparison Guide(Lite,Standard,Professional,NT)
WatchDog II Detailed Quick Comparison Guide(LAN Standard,LAN Professional)
WatchDog II Detailed Server Guide

WatchDog II Detailed Quick Comparison Guide:


Function \Version Lite Standard Pro NT
Multi-Boot Support No 4 30 30
Data Partitions Unlimited 1 3 3
Freedom to choose Data Partitions No No Yes Yes
Instant Recovery DOS/WIN3.11/ 95/98/ME Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instant Recovery NT ws/Win 2000/XP Yes Yes No Yes
Backup Recovery All OS e.g. (Windows, Linux, Unix etc..) No Yes Yes Yes
P.n.P. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Repartitioning Required No No No No
Non-Destructive Repartition Function No No Yes Yes
Floppy Diskette (3?") Driver disk Yes Yes Yes Yes
Disk Space Occupied +/- 40MB
S.M.A.R.T. No No Yes Yes
Software Update No No Yes Yes
Interface PCI
BIOS Support Auto-Detect Any BIOS
Memory Occupied 2-5K Instant Recovery 2-5, Kb Backup Recovery 0 Kb
H.D.D Type Support (IDE/E-IDE/SCSI/DMA33,66,SerialATA)
H.D.D Size Limit Tested (64GB)
PC Requirements IBM PC Compatible 80386 or higher with a VGA display card or Higher, 1 x PCI slot free and a 1.44MB floppy drive
CMOS Auto-Restore Yes (Supports CMOS Auto-Analyse)
IRQ & I/O One IRO & I/O
Auto-Boot Time Setting No No 1-99 Sec. 1-99 Sec.
Pre-Set Boot Disk No No Yes Yes
Hide certain Boot Disk No Yes Yes Yes
Administrator Password Yes
User Password Yes
Boot Partition Password No No Yes Yes
C Drive Auto-Restore During Boot Yes
Retain Data on Data Disk Yes
Save Current H.D.D Data Yes
Auto-Restore Boot Disk - Every time, day, week or month No No Yes Yes
Auto-Clean Data Disk - Every time, day, week or month No No Yes Yes
Main Menu Title Setup Yes
Prevent H.D.D Direct I/O Damage - (Show warning message on screen or speaker alarm) No Yes (9 Levels)
Built in H.D.D. image copy function (like Ghost) No Yes
Network Copy Yes
Uninstall Function Yes
H.D.D Can Operate Without Card Yes (Still Password Protected)
F-CACHE Data Cache Yes (Build-in Data Cache, Low impact on PC efficiency)
F-SAVE Technology Yes, No H.D.D. space occupied
(Does NOT use Mirror Space Technology)
SYSTEM AGENT 32 bit Driver Yes
Setup Menu English & Chinese switchable
(Other language available)
European CE Certified Yes (CLASS B/Model NO FS-S100)
U.S. FCC Certified Yes (CLASS B/Model NO FS-S100)
EMI Certified Yes
Copyright Protected Copyright R.O.C. Num :85590
Quality proved by Country Yes (R.O.C. Golden Prize)